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Leynos model kit #3 : How to paint metallic parts

This is my 4th steps techni to paint reallistics metal parts :

  • Black primer coat
  • Gun metal paint coat (I used a Gun metal acrylic from mig ammo)
  • Black oil paint after few minutes, I remove the paint softly. The oil paint stay inside the relief of the piece like the panel line technic.
  • Dry brush with a silver paint (I used a Silver acrylic from Vallejo)

See you soon 😉

Leynos #01

I’ve started to work on a new mech robot model kit of an original robot. It’s made by PLUM and it’s called LEYNOS. It’s inspired by the video game Assault Suit Leynos. In this article, I present my first minutes (hours?) of assembly.

Nice Details

I wasn’t familiar with PLUM’s models, and I must admit, I was surprised when I opened the box. The parts are highly detailed, with rivets and screw heads. This will require a little brushwork to highlight them.

Details on the shoulder shield
Details on the arms

Building the robot model kit

Assembly goes smoothly. The parts fit together without problem. I opted for glue to complete the joints.

You’ll need to paint some parts to make the kit a little more interesting. The sprues only come in 2 colors, which lacks variation. It’s a nice change from Bandai kits, which are usually very colorful. But I like painting the little details.

Arms without glue
Arms without glue

Next step

In a future post, I will finish to prepare all the part of this mech robot model kit. I will show you a straight build to check if there is no problem. And I hope to begin the paint.

See you soon 😉

Entry Grade RX-78-2 1/144

I’m working with my first entry grade RX-78-2 gundam kit. It’s really simple to build it. But it don’t have a lot of details.

So I decided to improve it with a custom paint. I kept the original color scheme and I added shadows and scratches in order to create a more realistic mecha.

Black Primer and multicolor pre-shading

I chosen a black primer in cans to begin , then I used 3 base colors (red, blue and yellow) from GreenStuffWorld to prepare the pre-shading.

Base coat

It’s time to paint the base coat with the airbrush (0,2mm nozzle), I decided to work with the MIG Ammo acrylics paints for this part and specially with a special set made for gunpla. But this paint cover a lot the under coat, so I used a specific product called « transparator » to improve the transparency of the base coat.

Two coats is enough to cover the armor and to keep the pre-shading work. It work perfectly for the white, the red and the blue. I hand painted the yellow parts to avoid to mask all the model. And to finish I dried brush the articulations.


I added some grey scrathes by brush on the colored parts, and brown scratches on the white parts. I continue with enamel washes to make rust streaks and dirt effects on specific locations.

To finish, I put medium rust pigments.

Final shots

After a matt varnish coat, this the final result.

Entry grade gundam model RX-78-2 with weathering
Entry grade gundam model RX-78-2 with weathering
Entry grade gundam model RX-78-2 with weathering

[War40k] Blood Angel

After a lot of mechas, I take few times to paint a warhammer 40,000 figurine.

Someone offer me 2 space marines, so I built one for fun. For the color scheme, I chose the blood angels.

See you soon 😉

Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Blood angel by Flashfan981
Some details of the socle

A-Wing Interceptor

My new build is a starship from Star Wars the A-wing Interceptor. I use a simple kit from Revell.

Outboxing of the A-wing

Revell didn’t lie with this message « Build and play ». There is no runners inside the box all the parts are cut, so you can directly build the model kit. You don’t need glue, each pieces are perfectly adjusted.

After Few minutes (maybe 10 min), you finished. It’s clearly a build for kids. It’s not enough for me, because I want to change the colors and add some damages.

A-wing revell flashfan981

Some problems

For a beginner, it’s a perfect kit but if you’re looking all pieces in details, there is a lot of problems. Some examples :

  • The wires are not detailled correctly
  • They wrote the manufacturer’s name directly on the starship 😱
  • all the joints are visible
  • the nubs from the runners are visible too …

First to improve this kits, it’s to remove or fix this details. For this classic work, I used classic tools :

  • Nippers
  • Hobby knife with a fresh blade
  • Various grits of sandpaper
  • Putty to fill holes


For this kit, I wanna try the citadel air paint. I primered it with a grey from vallejo. And let’s go for the Citadel paint.

I begin on the reactor with several coats of runefang steel. The paint is thick, to use it in my airbrush, I mixed it with the thinner from Citadel.

I was surprised, because I’m not familiar with the paints from Games workshop. But the result is excellent and smooth, I like it. I continued to paint some details (wires, metal pieces,etc.) with a simple brush on the reactor, the cockpit and other parts.

See you soon 😉 to continu this A-wing Interceptor model kit.

MG Exia #05

Custom paint gunpla


Definetly, I love this model kit. So I take my time to obtain the best result I can. For this post, I will speak about the custom base coat paint and the panel lines work. I don’t like the base plactic aspect of the model kit. So I prefer a custom paint gunpla.

A good way to improve the general aspect of the gunpla, for me, it’s to use the black and white technic before to paint the main color.

Technic : the black and white in action

Like on my previous work on the MG Exia, I painted a black primer coat first (ref : vallejo mecha primer black 70.642) . Then I highlighted the parts with white paint (ref Mr. Color : C1). To finish, I applied the base coat with the desired color.

I used this method for all the pieces, It’s long but I like the final apparence of the gundam.

MG Exia's - gunpla MG Exia
Arms painted and ready for the assembly

Did I say I love this Cobald Blue (ref Mr. Color : C80) ? 😍😍😍

Final painted result

After several hours of painting, this is the finish work. I’m really happy of the final result. I think the paint imprive the volumes … isn’t it ?

Custom paint gunpla MG Exia

Custom paint gunpla MG Exia

Panel lines

After that, I put a gloss varnish coat (ref : Mr Color. C46) which is very important to protect the previous work. It was ready to receive the enamel juice to improve the panel lines. Like usual, I used the panel line accent color product from Tamiya which is a perfect product for me. When I have more time, I made it myself with a classic black enamel paint thinned with white spirit. To clean it, I used zippo lighter fluid 😉 with cotton sticks or a little brush.

Panel line accent color tamiya with zippo lighter fluid and brush. Custom paint gunpla
material used for the panel lines

I don’t finish all the mecha for the moment but this is some photos without and with the product applied on some parts.

I hope this post will be useful to improve your gundam and to work on a custom paint gunpla. Don’t hesitate to write a comment and to share of you like 👍.

See you soon for the waterslides 😉.