Leynos #01

I’ve started to work on a new mech robot model kit of an original robot. It’s made by PLUM and it’s called LEYNOS. It’s inspired by the video game Assault Suit Leynos. In this article, I present my first minutes (hours?) of assembly.

Nice Details

I wasn’t familiar with PLUM’s models, and I must admit, I was surprised when I opened the box. The parts are highly detailed, with rivets and screw heads. This will require a little brushwork to highlight them.

Details on the shoulder shield
Details on the arms

Building the robot model kit

Assembly goes smoothly. The parts fit together without problem. I opted for glue to complete the joints.

You’ll need to paint some parts to make the kit a little more interesting. The sprues only come in 2 colors, which lacks variation. It’s a nice change from Bandai kits, which are usually very colorful. But I like painting the little details.

Arms without glue
Arms without glue

Next step

In a future post, I will finish to prepare all the part of this mech robot model kit. I will show you a straight build to check if there is no problem. And I hope to begin the paint.

See you soon 😉

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