A-Wing Interceptor

My new build is a starship from Star Wars the A-wing Interceptor. I use a simple kit from Revell.

Outboxing of the A-wing

Revell didn’t lie with this message « Build and play ». There is no runners inside the box all the parts are cut, so you can directly build the model kit. You don’t need glue, each pieces are perfectly adjusted.

After Few minutes (maybe 10 min), you finished. It’s clearly a build for kids. It’s not enough for me, because I want to change the colors and add some damages.

A-wing revell flashfan981

Some problems

For a beginner, it’s a perfect kit but if you’re looking all pieces in details, there is a lot of problems. Some examples :

  • The wires are not detailled correctly
  • They wrote the manufacturer’s name directly on the starship 😱
  • all the joints are visible
  • the nubs from the runners are visible too …

First to improve this kits, it’s to remove or fix this details. For this classic work, I used classic tools :

  • Nippers
  • Hobby knife with a fresh blade
  • Various grits of sandpaper
  • Putty to fill holes


For this kit, I wanna try the citadel air paint. I primered it with a grey from vallejo. And let’s go for the Citadel paint.

I begin on the reactor with several coats of runefang steel. The paint is thick, to use it in my airbrush, I mixed it with the thinner from Citadel.

I was surprised, because I’m not familiar with the paints from Games workshop. But the result is excellent and smooth, I like it. I continued to paint some details (wires, metal pieces,etc.) with a simple brush on the reactor, the cockpit and other parts.

See you soon 😉 to continu this A-wing Interceptor model kit.

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