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MG Aegis Custom #02

First step done ! The building part was easy. But this BIG guy is really heavy with its backpack and its 2 wings. I used a specific base to stabilize it. I found fine poses in the air 😀😀

See you after holidays for the customization with new panel lines and painting. Merry Christmas to all of you 🎄🎄

MG Aegis Custom #01

I begin a new gunpla. This time, it’s the MG Aegis from the Gundam Seed Serie. For this mecha, my new exercice is to add new panel lines and to change the colors. You will see below the comparaison with and without panel lines.

See you soon 😉

F91 MG 1/100 #02

(👇🇬🇧) Travail en cours. Comme souvent, je commence la peinture par les pieds. Quand je prépare la tête, ça veut dire que le modèle est bientôt fini.

Work in progress. Often, I begin the painting with the feet. When I prepare the head, that’s mean the model kit is soon finish