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Salt technic on gunpla

Today, we speak about a ‘simple’ technic to creating chipping on model kits : The salt. Yes ! You’re read correctly, a simple salt to obtain a nice chipping on your gunpla. It’s a technic which work with an airbrush. I think it cannot work with brush … But I’m not sure. Maybe I will test one day.

I make a HG Jo hound model kit few month , and I wanted to obtain a heavy chipping. I decided to use only my brushes and little pieces of sponges. But this time, I decide to use the salt.

Prepare your model

First, you need to prepare the surface of your gunpla. For the example, I use the hand of the HG RX-79 ‘Ground type’ (1/144) from « the 08th team » anime.

Like for a classic preparation, I use a primer. In this case, I was a black primer from Vallejo mecha color. After, I added the rust coat. I used a red/brown primer color from GreenStuffWorld. You must a really hard paint because we will be ‘violent’ in a future step.

The Salt technic

Now, it’s time to use the salt.

Put some water gently at the surface of the piece where you want obtain chipping (often on the edges). Personnaly, I used a little sponge. Then put the salt directly on the piece like it’s raining salt. It will be trap by the water. To obtain various effect, try to use different sizes of salt. In my example, I used a really fine salt to try to respect scale.

Some advises :

  • Don’t forget to protect the parts where you do not want salt.
  • You can do that directly in your kitchen … because you’re going to salt everywhere … Believe me.
  • WAIT ! To paint, you need to have a dry salt, so wait ! … 8 or 12h in a dry place ?
It’s seems to be dirt, don’t worry !

Paint (when the salt is dry)

Paint your part as usual, the salt will work like a mask. You can use a pre-shading if you want. But becareful to the pressure you use on your airbrush. If the pressure is too high, the salt will be remove. On this example, I worked with the Mr. color white C1 diluated at 50% and applied at 1bar.

Salt chipping

To finish, You must remove the salt. I used a toothbrush with some water and I brush … brush … and brush again. If you remember, I said you must use a hard and dry paints. That is the moment where you’re going to see if your paint it’s good.

after removing the salt
After removing the mask tape

Salt chipping on gunpla is a good way to have random chips on a your paint. I think it’s a simple technic which give good results.

See you soon 😉

Reference book

I received this week-end a really good book : Sci-Fi F.A.Q. by Lincoln WRIGHT (the complete guide for Sci-Fi Scale Modelers).

In 2 days, this book became my Bible. It’s full of good advises, of histories about modelling. There is a lot of beautiful photos and step by step realizations. Lincoln Wright share the knowledges with us and its a real gift.

So It’s a must have and it’s fantastic ! Thank to Lincoln for this incredible work ! I invite you to visit the website of Mr. WRIGHT (if you don’t know him) :

See you soon 😉

MG Aegis Custom #01

I begin a new gunpla. This time, it’s the MG Aegis from the Gundam Seed Serie. For this mecha, my new exercice is to add new panel lines and to change the colors. You will see below the comparaison with and without panel lines.

See you soon 😉

Portanova 1/144 Custom #04

(👇🇬🇧) cette semaine, j’ai travaillé les peintures du Portanova. Donc les photos ne sont pas funny mais j’avance bien. Définitivement, je préfère les peintures Vallejo pour travailler à l’aérographe.

This week, I work on the custom colours of the Portanova . So the pictures are not funny but my work progress correctly. Definetly, I prefer the Vallejo paints to work with my airbrush.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #01

(🇬🇧👇) Cette semaine, j’ai travaillé sur le RX-178 mais je dois attendre que le vernis sèche. Donc j’ai décidé de commencer un nouveau kit le « Portanova » de la gamme « 30 minutes missions ». Je ferai probablement un build custom (couleur et armure)

Et j’ai aussi reçu une commande de matériel un peu spécial :

  • un pack « STUDIO G : GPAINT V2 ULTIMATE STARTER PACK » : pour essayer cette peinture dont on dit beaucoup de bien.
  • un « DSPIAE : SCRIBER SET » : pour ajouter des panel line sur mes modèles et les améliorer.


This week, I’m worked on the RX-178 but I must wait the vanish be dry. So I decide to begin a new model kit the « Portanova » from « 30 minutes missions » serie. I will probably work on a custom build (colours and armor).

And I receive my order with 2 specific products :

  • a « STUDIO G : GPAINT V2 ULTIMATE STARTER PACK » : to test this paint
  • a « DSPIAE : SCRIBER SET » : to improve my model kit with more panel lining