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MG Aegis Custom #03

This week, I worked on a lot of things. But my priority was to paint the MG Aegis. I mixed flat yellow and orange with metallic colors, silver and black. The result on the first leg seems good.

The original on the right ant the painted on the left

Rodimus Custom Transformer #02

I painted the Rodimus, I must finish some parts and the back pack. I’m really happy about this work.

To paint some details with the airbrush, the masking tape is a good way.

I added some colors to improve the autobot.

And a comparative before and after the painting work.

See you soon 😉

Portanova 1/144 custom #08

This is the end of a year and tomorrow we will begin a new one. I continu to share my creations and I am really happy to show my mechas build. This is the end of the Portanova, I finish the weapon, I prepare the base and after It will be sale if someone want it 😉. I never keep my model kits.

seen you soon … Next year 😀

Portanova 1/144 Custom #07

The weathering is a very long step to improve the model kit. You need to wait a long time between each coat, it isn’t an acrylic paint. For me, I’m waiting 24 hours to be sure the coat is dry, like that, I haven’t bad surprise 😉.

Next step, I will put few pigments and paint its weapon …

See you soon.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #04

(👇🇬🇧) cette semaine, j’ai travaillé les peintures du Portanova. Donc les photos ne sont pas funny mais j’avance bien. Définitivement, je préfère les peintures Vallejo pour travailler à l’aérographe.

This week, I work on the custom colours of the Portanova . So the pictures are not funny but my work progress correctly. Definetly, I prefer the Vallejo paints to work with my airbrush.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #01

(🇬🇧👇) Cette semaine, j’ai travaillé sur le RX-178 mais je dois attendre que le vernis sèche. Donc j’ai décidé de commencer un nouveau kit le « Portanova » de la gamme « 30 minutes missions ». Je ferai probablement un build custom (couleur et armure)

Et j’ai aussi reçu une commande de matériel un peu spécial :

  • un pack « STUDIO G : GPAINT V2 ULTIMATE STARTER PACK » : pour essayer cette peinture dont on dit beaucoup de bien.
  • un « DSPIAE : SCRIBER SET » : pour ajouter des panel line sur mes modèles et les améliorer.


This week, I’m worked on the RX-178 but I must wait the vanish be dry. So I decide to begin a new model kit the « Portanova » from « 30 minutes missions » serie. I will probably work on a custom build (colours and armor).

And I receive my order with 2 specific products :

  • a « STUDIO G : GPAINT V2 ULTIMATE STARTER PACK » : to test this paint
  • a « DSPIAE : SCRIBER SET » : to improve my model kit with more panel lining


(👇🇬🇧)J’ai choisi ce kit pour m’entraîner à la pose des decals à l’eau. Il y en beaucoup 🤣 !!

Mais je préfère faire certains détails au pinceau 🖌, c’est plus joli qu’un autocollant.

I chosen this kit in order to train me to put water decals. There is a lot 🤣 !!

But I prefer make some details with a brush🖌, it is more beautiful than a sticker.