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Portanova 1/144 Custom #05

I finish the RX-178 so now I take the time to continu the Portanova. I’ve got a lot of difficulties but now the harder is finish.

I put the primer coat and I painted with my airbrush the differents parts of the model. I can continu with the chipping and the weathering to give it an old aspect. It is an old warrior and it became a one-handed robot after a long series of battle.


It is done ! It was my first RG model kit, I always work with MG, but this time, I changed the scale to work with water decals.

The RG model kit was very good and the decals too 👍, I took a lot of fun during this work and I will probably come back to 1/144 scale for others models.

This is the finals photos, If you wanna see more, let’s go to the gallery or directly on this page.

See you soon 😉

Portanova 1/144 Custom #04

(👇🇬🇧) cette semaine, j’ai travaillé les peintures du Portanova. Donc les photos ne sont pas funny mais j’avance bien. Définitivement, je préfère les peintures Vallejo pour travailler à l’aérographe.

This week, I work on the custom colours of the Portanova . So the pictures are not funny but my work progress correctly. Definetly, I prefer the Vallejo paints to work with my airbrush.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #03

(👇🇬🇧) J’ai choisi mes couleurs pour la suite du Portanova customisé. Donc je prépare les pièces pour la couche d’apprêt et en même temps, je bouche les trous inutiles dans le kit pour avoir un résultat plus sympa.

I chosen my color schemes for the Portanova customized. So I prepare the differents parts for the primer coating and in the same time, I fill the unnecessary holes in the model kit to have a better result.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #02

(👇🇬🇧) Et voilà, le Portanova est fini, j’ai beaucoup aimé ce kit de la série « 30 Minutes Missions » (30MM). Les kits 30MM sont très simples à monter ET à modifier pour un prix très abordable. Idéal pour le débutant que je suis pour faire du custom.

Et voilà, the Portanova is done, I loved this kit from the « 30 minutes missions » serie (30MM). The kits 30MM are very simple to build AND to modify for a very low cost. Perfect for me to begin the customization.