RG MK-II A.E.U.G. #06

I shot it outside last week-end before to put it on its future diorama.

Like everytime, you will find more photos on this gallery : https://flashfan981.com/rg-mk-ii-a-e-u-g/

If you like, don’t hesitate to say it and to share !

See you soon 😉 …

RG EVA Unit 00 #01

I built a great model kit this week-end : the RG EVA unit 00 from Bandai. I played with it, it have incredible articulations and it able to take very nice poses. I used the Ip-man movie with Donnie Yen for the poses reference.

You can see other photos in its gallery : here

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G. #05

Work in progress on this model kit. this is some details. You will find more photos at the end of its gallery : here

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G. #04

Work in progress. I must finish the weapons and the backpack. Then I will prepare the model decor.

You can find a selection of photo on this page : RG MK-II A.E.U.G.

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G #03

I continu the RG model kit, I put the decal on the legs and added few scatches on the armor. I hope to finish this gundam this week, and maybe I will begin the weathering.

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G #02

I add few metal details on the frame of MK-II and metal dry brushes effects. After the panel line and the decals on the armor, I will add some chipping effect.

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G #01

When I’m waiting the paint dry, I build a gundam … for fun. This time, It’s the MK-II A.E.U.G.

I filmed the assembly phase, if I have time, I will put it on the web.

Next step panel lining and water decals.

See you soon 😉


It is done ! It was my first RG model kit, I always work with MG, but this time, I changed the scale to work with water decals.

The RG model kit was very good and the decals too 👍, I took a lot of fun during this work and I will probably come back to 1/144 scale for others models.

This is the finals photos, If you wanna see more, let’s go to the gallery or directly on this page.

See you soon 😉


Work in progress on the water decals. It’s a long work but I am patient 😊.

The result seems good 👍. This is the first leg finish after an afternoon of work.


(👇🇬🇧)J’ai choisi ce kit pour m’entraîner à la pose des decals à l’eau. Il y en beaucoup 🤣 !!

Mais je préfère faire certains détails au pinceau 🖌, c’est plus joli qu’un autocollant.

I chosen this kit in order to train me to put water decals. There is a lot 🤣 !!

But I prefer make some details with a brush🖌, it is more beautiful than a sticker.


(👇🇬🇧) montage fait. C’est parti pour les finitions (Colle, peinture, panel lines et decals à l’eau). Je suis très content de ce premier RG pour le moment. Les articulations sont incroyables !

Build done. Let’s go for the finishes (glue, paint, panel lines and water decal). I’m very happy of this first RG model kit for the moment. The articulations are amazing !