RG MK-II A.E.U.G #03

I continu the RG model kit, I put the decal on the legs and added few scatches on the armor. I hope to finish this gundam this week, and maybe I will begin the weathering.

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G #02

I add few metal details on the frame of MK-II and metal dry brushes effects. After the panel line and the decals on the armor, I will add some chipping effect.

See you soon 😉

RG MK-II A.E.U.G #01

When I’m waiting the paint dry, I build a gundam … for fun. This time, It’s the MK-II A.E.U.G.

I filmed the assembly phase, if I have time, I will put it on the web.

Next step panel lining and water decals.

See you soon 😉

MG Aegis Custom #03

This week, I worked on a lot of things. But my priority was to paint the MG Aegis. I mixed flat yellow and orange with metallic colors, silver and black. The result on the first leg seems good.

The original on the right ant the painted on the left

Rodimus Custom Transformer #02

I painted the Rodimus, I must finish some parts and the back pack. I’m really happy about this work.

To paint some details with the airbrush, the masking tape is a good way.

I added some colors to improve the autobot.

And a comparative before and after the painting work.

See you soon 😉

MG Aegis Custom #02

First step done ! The building part was easy. But this BIG guy is really heavy with its backpack and its 2 wings. I used a specific base to stabilize it. I found fine poses in the air 😀😀

See you after holidays for the customization with new panel lines and painting. Merry Christmas to all of you 🎄🎄

MG Aegis Custom #01

I begin a new gunpla. This time, it’s the MG Aegis from the Gundam Seed Serie. For this mecha, my new exercice is to add new panel lines and to change the colors. You will see below the comparaison with and without panel lines.

See you soon 😉


It is done ! It was my first RG model kit, I always work with MG, but this time, I changed the scale to work with water decals.

The RG model kit was very good and the decals too 👍, I took a lot of fun during this work and I will probably come back to 1/144 scale for others models.

This is the finals photos, If you wanna see more, let’s go to the gallery or directly on this page.

See you soon 😉


Work in progress on the water decals. It’s a long work but I am patient 😊.

The result seems good 👍. This is the first leg finish after an afternoon of work.

Portanova 1/144 Custom #04

(👇🇬🇧) cette semaine, j’ai travaillé les peintures du Portanova. Donc les photos ne sont pas funny mais j’avance bien. Définitivement, je préfère les peintures Vallejo pour travailler à l’aérographe.

This week, I work on the custom colours of the Portanova . So the pictures are not funny but my work progress correctly. Definetly, I prefer the Vallejo paints to work with my airbrush.


(👇🇬🇧)J’ai choisi ce kit pour m’entraîner à la pose des decals à l’eau. Il y en beaucoup 🤣 !!

Mais je préfère faire certains détails au pinceau 🖌, c’est plus joli qu’un autocollant.

I chosen this kit in order to train me to put water decals. There is a lot 🤣 !!

But I prefer make some details with a brush🖌, it is more beautiful than a sticker.


(👇🇬🇧) montage fait. C’est parti pour les finitions (Colle, peinture, panel lines et decals à l’eau). Je suis très content de ce premier RG pour le moment. Les articulations sont incroyables !

Build done. Let’s go for the finishes (glue, paint, panel lines and water decal). I’m very happy of this first RG model kit for the moment. The articulations are amazing !