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Rodimus Custom Transformer #02

I painted the Rodimus, I must finish some parts and the back pack. I’m really happy about this work.

To paint some details with the airbrush, the masking tape is a good way.

I added some colors to improve the autobot.

And a comparative before and after the painting work.

See you soon 😉

Rodimus Custom Transformer #01

I stopped the Aegis because I receive new model kits for my birthday and my Holydays are cancelled. So I decided to take a few moment to build a transformer, you know the robots from the animated series … You remember ?

I will build a no bandai model kit, and that’s the first time for me. So I hope to have fun.

Ready to build ?

Go !

There is no more runners than a MG Gunpla … I think … isn’t it ?